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Martin Scorsese presents: Polish cinema in Santa Fe, NM


"There are many revelations in the “Masterpieces of Polish Cinema” series and whether you’re familiar with some of these films or not, it’s an incredible opportunity to discover for yourself the great power of Polish cinema, on the big screen in brilliantly restored digital masters."
Martin Scorsese

In December 2011, filmmaker Martin Scorsese traveled to Poland to accept an honorary doctoral degree from The Polish National Film, Television, and Theatre School in Łódź. There, Mr. Scorsese met with Jędrzej Sabliński (a digital restoration expert, now with DI Factory), and reviewed a list of new digital restorations of Polish films. In the months following this visit, with the help of The Film Foundation, the two men came up with the idea of a North American tour of a series of restored Polish cinema classics.

From an extensive catalogue of digitally restored films, Mr. Scorsese chose twenty-one masterpieces. The Film Foundation executive director, Margaret Bodde then worked with Mr. Sabliński to develop the program and recommended Milestone Films as the North American distributor for the series. Milestone will be touring the 21-film retrospective Martin Scorsese Presents: Masterpieces of Polish Cinema throughout North America.

Premiering in New York City at the Film Society of Lincoln Center on February 5th, 2014, the series features films from some of Poland’s most accomplished and lauded filmmakers, spanning the period from 1957–1987. Curated by Mr. Scorsese, each film has been digitally re-mastered and brilliantly restored on newly subtitled digital prints.

The Screen is proud to be sharing this once in a lifetime series with the Jean Cocteau Cinema. Full schedule below, and tickets on sale week of show from the respective venue:


April 5 - 11:45 AM

April 8 - 6:00
Jerzy Kawalerowicz | 1960 | 110 mins

A young, virtuous exorcist is sent to a mysterious monastery inhabited by beautiful nuns who are said to be possessed by demons in this thrilling and philosophical portrait of human vice.

INNOCENT SORCERERS - April 12 and April 15
Andrzej Wajda | 1960 | 88 mins
In 1950s Poland, two young people meet in a bar and go from small talk to bed, but as dawn approaches what seemed to be a meaningless episode in their lives gets more complicated.

JUMP - April 19 and April 22

Tadeusz Konwicki | 1965 | 105 mins
In this Polish Western, a man on the run seeks refuge in a ghost town halfway between dream and reality, whose desperate inhabitants can’t decide if he’s a prophet or a common liar.

THE ILLUMINATION - April 26 and April 30

Krzysztof Zanussi | 1972 | 93 mins
A young provincial man comes to the capital to study physics and must tackle life’s universal questions in this philosophical essay comprising animation, experimental methods and documentary footage.

THE PROMISED LAND - May 6 and May 10

Andrzej Wajda | 1974 | 170 mins
Wajda’s fascinating portrait of the industrial city of Lodz during the birth of gritty 19th century capitalism is also a tale of the strength of masculine friendship.

AUSTERIA - May 13 and May 17

Jerzy Kawalerowicz | 1982 | 107 mins
On the first night of WWI, refugees seek sanctuary from the Russian army in a country inn owned by a Jewish family in this intimate drama set against the turbulence of history.

BLIND CHANCE - May 20 and May 24

Krzysztof Kieslowski | 1981 | 123 mins
Kieślowski explores the autonomy of human choices by presenting three alternative versions of the life of 20 year old Witek, whose whole future depends on whether he can catch a train.

THE SARAGOSA MANUSCRIPT - April 6 and April 10

Wojciech Has | 1964 | 183 mins
Based on one of the greatest works of world literature, a mountain-crossing turns into a sequence of supernatural and frightful events for the skeptical Alphonse van Worden.

PHAROAH - April 13 and April 17

Jerzy Kawalerowicz | 1965 | 152 mins
This epic production, complete with huge battle scenes and stunningly choreographed musical pieces, focuses on a young Ramses XIII as takes over rule of the ancient Egyptian empire.

THE WEDDING - April 20 and April 23

Andrzej Wajda | 1972 | 107 mins
Characters from all walks of life come together at a 19th century wedding party and things take a turn for the uncanny when ghosts from their pasts mingle with the joyful celebrations.

THE HOURGLASS SANATORIUM - April 27 and April 29
Wojciech Has | 1973 | 124 mins
Holocaust themes augment this adaptation of Jewish author Bruno Schulz’s visionary and poetic reflection on the nature of time and death, which won the Jury Award at Cannes.

CAMOUFLAGE - May 8 and May 11
Krzysztof Zanussi | 1976 | 101 mins
The shallowness and cynicism of the academic milieu and the hypocrisy of idealism are depicted in the relationship between a young linguist and a diabolical associate professor. A universal story by one of the most renowned contemporary Polish directors.

MAN OF IRON - May 15 and May 18
Andrzej Wajda | 1981 | 153 mins
Wajda’s Palme d’Or-winning, Oscar-nominated masterpiece follows the workers’ strike in Gdańsk in August 1980 that led to the formation of the Solidarity trade union.

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