polish language

Polish Language Initiative

Together we can develop a supportive network of Polish speakers and learners to share our collective knowledge, materials and experience of the Polish language so we can foster a stronger link to our Polish identity here in New Mexico.

Our study group meets last Saturday of each month. 


  1. It would be interesting to start a Book Club (Polish Authors?) discussing both contemporary and classical writers for those who are Native Poles as well as aficionados and learners of our old Slavic tradition. Discusión de autores españoles y méxico nuevas, así:)

  2. Thank you for the idea! Let's get it going! Can you please email me at nmpolonia@outlook.com? Thanks

  3. I am interested in coversational Polish classes for adults...Second generation born and raised in
    Brooklyn, NY, presently in Corrales. My father, "Stanley Casimir Kulakowski" was a long-standing
    member of the Pulaski Foundation in NY, and one of those in charge of the yearly Pulaski Day
    Parade on Fifth Ave in NYC. My cultural knowledge remains good due to the influence of "Stasu"
    A prompt reply would be most appreciated, as I too can share what I learned from my family.

    1. Hi, thank you for finding this blog and sharing your story. I do not have any information about formal "conversational" Polish classes. I do, however, offer Polish beginner classes with UNM Continuing Education - if are interested in commuting to Albuquerque... Please keep visiting the blog. I post events information - opportunities to meet some members of Polish community and practice the language :) If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email me at nmpolonia@outlook.com Thanks