Sunday, October 13, 2013

Community Event

*** Sharing an email from Grace! It's today! ***

Hello Everyone,

Concert under the stars

I would like to remaind you that on October 13 , 6 pm we will host a concert of DuoKlavitarre and potluck at
55 Pinon Trail, Cedar Crest. DuoKlavitarre repertuare includes classics from Chopin, Beethoven, Bach as well contemporary music. At present they have world tour and appearances in television and radio. Please see some of their concerts on youtube.
In order to cover some of our costs we will sell tickets at $20/person (kids free of charge). Please reserve your ticket due to limited space. DuoKlavitarre appearances in other US cities, South America and Asia have outstanding revues.
This is rare opportunity to see a world class classical musical ensemble.
Please call Grace to reserve your ticket. 505-917-8998
We are happy to announce that before concert of DuoKlavittare will play our Albuquerque Prodigy - 9 years old
Malcolm Parnall - His repertoire includes: Chopin and own composition.

PS We still have 14 tickets

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