Sunday, April 21, 2013

EuroZone Foods, April 22nd delivery

Photo © J. Jordan 2007
Hello Everyone,

This is our lucky day !!  After two years of waiting we are getting original
Zakopianskie Oscypki. We owe explanation to our American customers : Oscypki is a specialty hard cheese made out of sheep milk - it is only one place on earth where you can buy it - it is Zakopane - resort in Tatra mountains. That why it is so difficult to get it. We love  to eat Oscypki with prosciutto and good Merlot. Some people like it with beer. No matter how you "slice it" it is great cheese !!!!!
Monday delivery is very special - we are getting many products which usually you can not buy in the USA.
 Some of those products are listed below:
> Westphalian Ham and Pork Loin (cured and dried for 18 month)
> Coppa and prosciutto from Giovani Salvadore (Parma. Italy)
> El Presidente - Masdamer cheese (cured one year) - from coop in Sierpc
> Chojnice smoked Gouda - many of you know it - money can not buy a better smoked cheese
> Creamed farmers cheese with chives - made in coop in Nowa Sol - all natural
> Valbon Hochland - Camembert cheese - Bavarian best quality cheese - goes great with German beer
> Merci Chef - goat cheese - this is really rear opportunity to try it !!!!
> Corfu Real Feta cheese - some people go to Greece just to eat it at the source.
> Krajanka Tlusta - Farmers cheese from coop Ostroleka.
> Farmers cheese "Green" from coop Radomsko - made from non pasteurized milk (my favorite)
> Great Tartare farmers cheese - several variety : with - boletus, herbs, nuts, onion, salmon, pepper etc
> Lemoncello dessert cup - low calories Italian dessert
> Polskie Zboza - Apple-Pear and whole grain yogurt
> Blueberry Kefir
> Bakus - vanilla soft cheese (white) - great low calories dessert
> Herrings : Pirackie, Wawelskie, Lesne, Peppers, With dill, With cream - Pirackie are my favorite - I can eat them every day !!!!
Latest research by Skanska Institute in Malmo Sweden indicates that eating herrings often can extend your healthy life by 10 years .. Life expectancy in Sweden is 8 years longer then in the USA and  as you know Sweds looks great, they are slim, tall and healthy.

Like always on Monday we will have a lot of cold cuts, jars, sweets, mineral water, cakes, breads etc.

Come early for better selection or call me to reserve what you want.

This time it is really worth it to come to Cedar Crest and to see selection of great healthy food we will have !!!!
OH ... I have forgotten about Marcepan chocolates from Mieszko - I can not stop eating them - they are the best in the universe !!!!!

 Free delivery with $60 order

Please check out if you would like to buy european food on line.
They have great prices and outstanding service. Ania Jordan is the owner.

Best Regards,
Grace Piotrowicz
Eurozone Food Distributors

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