Saturday, April 6, 2013

EuroZone Food, April 8th delivery

Hello Everyone,

On Monday April 8th  we will have special delivery of Italian food - mainly Giacomo Salvatore dry and cured meats and a lot of cold cuts you know: Country Ham ( Szynka wiejska), salcesony, flaki, kaszanki, wieners (parowki), pork loins ( poledwice), golonki, smoked ribs, bacons, beer sausage, kabanosy, country sausage, hunter sausage etc.
This week I would like to recommend:
> Italian and polish soups in the jars
> Wisconsin farmers cheese
> Inka coffee
> Czaniecki pastas
> fruit  teas (black current, raspberry, apple, pear, forest fruit,vitax atiy cholesterol, melisa,
> Ptasie Mleczko, Malaga, Plums in chocolate, Kasztanki, krowki, etc
> Aronia , red current and Forest fruit preserve jams
> Tymbark and Kubus juices
> Milka and Wedel with whole hazelnuts chocolates
> Torun gingerbread cookies (Pierniki)
> All natural cheese : Sokol cheese - similar to swiss - taste great
> Excellent Polish butter, yogurts and kefirs
> Breads: Polish and German
> Hundreds of European cosmetics at a very reasonable prices
> Sauerkrauts, pickles, beets, salads, mushrooms etc

....and thousands of other products

This week Our customers awarded 5 stars rating to the following products:
> Sokol cheese
> Giacomo Salvadore - original Parma prosciutto
> Tymbark Coconut drink (great with rum)
> Kosciuszko mustard
> Cracovia sorrel in the jar (szczaw)
> Coppenhagen butter cookies
> Winter sprat in oil (180 g cans)
> Tymbark Raspberry-mint drink (.25 l bottles)
> Kucharek Dried vegetables (wloszczyzna suszona)
> Nut cream cake (tort orzechowy) - so good !!!!!!!
  Free delivery with $60 order
Please check out if you would like to buy european food on line.
They have great prices and outstanding service. Ania Jordan is the owner.
Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz

Eurozone Food Distributors
55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

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