Sunday, March 10, 2013

From EuroZone Newsletter: March 11th delivery

Hello Everyone,

Countdown to Easter has began - please preorder products you want  because demand and supply of some items are often unpredictable.
This Monday will be the last delivery  of herrings before Easter including small quantity of Matias herrings.
We will have large quantity of:
> Polish farmers cheese  (krajany, Krolewski, twarogowy, smietankowy itp)
> Polish yogurt i kefir
> Polish and German bread
> Vienna cheesecake and Apple cake
> Gold label butter
> Farsz for Greek style fish (all natural - like home made)
> Marinated celery  (great health benefits)
> Soups in the jar: Tuscan, Lentil and Minestrone
> Salads in the jar: Ukrainian, Swedish and Greek
> Lowicz raspberry/linden syrup
> Marinated broad bean (bob konserwowy)
> Frugo juices
> Orange skin for baking
> Organic granola with dry fruits
> Goracy Kubek - instant soups
...... and some very special unique products :
> El Presidente Masdamer cheese - all natural Swiss type cheese - hand made in Plock cooperative - no  comparison to commercial supermarket cheese - you have to try it to see how real cheese should taste !!!
> Westphalian dry smoked ham - the best ham I ever ate - made for us in Parma, Italy by Giacomo Salvadore.
It combines tastes of Italian Prosciutto and Spanish Jamon - outstanding high end product - you can not buy in supermarkets.
> German Pumpernickel bread
> Krakus Cured Pork Shank in the can   (golonka w sosie wlasnym)
> Baltic Matias herring in the oil (the best)
... and like with every delivery we will have plenty of cold cuts, jars, sweets, juices, teas, pastas etc

Personally I would like to recommend Eveline Cosmetics - day cream  - which I use every day, made out of

olives and Koenzym Q10 -  based on nano technology.
Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz

Eurozone Food Distributors

55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

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