Wednesday, January 2, 2013

EuroZone Food - New Year's Resolution

Najnowszy EuroZone Food newsletter dotyka wielu jakże ważnych dla nas tematów:


We would like to wish all of our customers Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!

Also we would like to thank you for being loyal and responsive customers.
We are obsessed with good, healthy food and our New Year's Resolution is to bring you even bigger selection for reasonable prices.
2012 was a great year for EuroZone with rapidly growing revenues and greatly expended markets.
Now our business is covering whole New Mexico, and parts of other states. In many supermarkets customers are demanding more of the polish food and we are striving to fulfill this demand. Many people are discovering Poland thru our food !!!!!
Our acquisition of Giacomo Salvadore distribution Channel put us on the map in USA and Canada and will bring to you great authentic Italian food which would not be available otherwise.

Together with our customers we have selected for 2012 Five Star products which we can recommend to anybody!
> Belvita - energy biscuits
> Provitus - baked vegetables in the jar (letcho, red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, beets etc.)
> Chojnice smoked cheese
> Wawel no sugar chocolates
> Cracowia fish salads
> Lowell - yogurt and Kefir (Stop by any time  -will give you free yogurt to try - we are sure you will love it)
> Lowell - farmers cheese 
> All Lowicz jams
> All Herbapol products (in particular fruit syrups)
> All Karotka juices for Kids (I drink them too)
> All Giacomo Salvadore dry cured Italian cold cuts,
> All fruit teas by Vitax and Malwa
> All polish cosmetics (they are the best at very reasonable price)
> Matias hearing in olive .......     and many more
Community Services
EuroZone Foods together with Polish - American Club Polonez (President Halina Skora) and NM Polonia - Blog (Ania Jordan - owner/manager) are striving to help anybody in Polish community who need help. If you know person who is unemployed or
straggling to "ends meet" please give us a call  - we might be able to help.

Now I would like to tell you my personal story for 2012
Few month ago I have noticed that I became "plum". I have decided to do something about that. For me was natural that I started to watch what I eat.
From that time I lost 22 pounds and I feel great !!!
My typical daily diet consisted of:
In the morning : Eggs on prosciutto (almost no fat)
Lunch: one of the Provitus products or Cracovia fish salad
Dinner: regular dinner I cook
Between meals I snack on rice crackers  or drink Frugo juice (to suppress hunger without calories)
I have succeeded without starving myself !!!

Important news !!
While Congress faces escalating pressure to avoid  the fiscal cliff, nobody is talking about Farm Bill.
Time is running out for Congress to pass comprehensive Farm Bill  without which  food prices will dramatically rise !!!!
If nothing is done in next 2 days - look for $7/ gallon of milk, $15 /pound of regular cheese or $6 sour cream.
Food inflation can reach 20% in 2013. But our politicians do not care... because food inflation is not a part of
general inflation index calculated by government and at this point is politically neutral. (US phenomenon)
This can affect your finances more then so called fiscal cliff !!!!

Grace & Jon
Thanks to Grace and Jon for sharing all this information with us (and your personal story!).

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