Sunday, November 4, 2012

EuroZone Food - November 5th delivery

Thanks to EuroZone I can make Polish food part of our Thanksgiving dinner :-)
What can we get this coming week? Check the newsletter below:
EuroZone Food - November 5th delivery

 Hello Everyone,

In this delivery we will have extra large shipment of herrings and german type bread (chleb razowy). In the marketplace it is substantial shortage of herring and prices are rising, that why we decided to act sooner and buy herring is no guarantee that herring will be available days before Christmas.. We have several kind of herring which can be stored in your refrigerator for up to a year. Buy now!!!
Herring we will offer on monday :
> Rolmopsy - herring fillets with pickles
> Pirackie - herring fillets with red peppers & mushrooms
> Wawelskie- herring fillets with red peppers & onions
> Kaszubskie - herring fillets with tomatoes & onion
> Makrel fillets fried and pickled
> Herring fillets fried and pickled (the best I ever had !!!!!)
> Marinated herring
> Herring fillets in sour cream sauce
> Koperkowe - herring fillets in dill sauce
> Musztardowe - herring fillets in tatar sauce (Jon's favorite)
> Maties herring  (in oil)
> Herring fillets in wine
> smoked whole makrel
Other products you ask for :
> Real polish butter - (only ingredient: sweet cream) - taste a difference> Polish yogurt, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese
> Farmers cheese - variety of flavors : onions, herbs, chives (szczypiorek), plain, dill etc
> German type breads (razowe) :whole rye bread, multigrain, with sunflower seeds etc.
> Golabki
> Salads: ukrainian, greek, swedish,
> Lecho sauce - with a lot of vegetables for meat or spaghetti - everybody's favorite
> Cisovianka mineral water
> Birch drink with raspberry - healthy and so good !!!!
> Mustard : Kremska, Sarepska, Kosciuszki, Horcica etc
> Cheese: Smoked cheese Chojnice -  never ate better one in my life - all natural, cured for one year in the cellar
    We will have only 32 lb that call me to reserve some for yourself ...
> French chocolate - PERGALE    - Try it and compare to other brands !!!!
> Szegedi Salami, Csabai salami, westphalian ham and pork loin, Alex bologna with pepper, Bukovinskaya sausage, Gypsy pork loin etc.
.....and all the cold cuts you know
If you did not visited us lately ....come to see a difference... hundreds of new quality products you can not buy in the supermarket at the reasonable price. Much more is coming....
  Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz

Eurozone Food Distributors
55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

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