Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eurozone Food - November 19th delivery

Here's what we can shop for tomorrow in Cedar Crest (newsletter):


Hello Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you !!!

In Monday's delivery we will have all the products you know plus some cold cuts from Italy and Germany. We now carry over 3000 products and our inventory is growing every week.
Due to large demand - this week we will have extra large quantities of:
> farmers cheese (bialy ser) in 3 lb packages.
> baked apples (in jars) for Holliday pie
> six types of herring
> Belvita - energy cookies (all natural - they are great)
> Polish spaghetti sauce from organic tomatoes
> smoked ribs - great with sauerkraut
> plums in chocolate
> Christmas chocolate gift boxes
> Wild strawberry tea (poziomkowa)
> Hungarian salami
> 600 packages of various pierogi (beef, chicken, ruskie, sauerkraut & mushroom etc)
> A lot of cold cuts including: veal wieners (parowki), several types of bacon, hams, sausages, kabanosy, Flaki, liver pate etc...
> Poppy seed cake, apple cake (szarlotka) etc

We have started to take orders for Christmas

Today I would like to give you recipe for Holiday apple pie (i nie tylko)

> Buy at Tader Joe's Pie crust two in the box for about $3
>Unfreeze pie crust in room temperature
> Buy jar of baked organic apples from EuroZone $4.5 (2lb)
> optional - add some vanilla sugar, nuts, rum essence (all this you can buy at EuroZone), some sugar if you like sweeter
> spread pie crust - load all the apples on the half pie crust, other half fold over apples - press edges
> sprinkle top of the crust with water followed by sugar or powdered sugar
> Baked at 360 degrees until crust is brown
10 servings - taste great - all natural, low sugar

Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz

Eurozone Food Distributors
55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

Note: Polonez is organizing New Year Eve Party - everybody is invited
For details call: Renata 503-6750 or Grace 917-8998
Smacznego! Ja już zaczynam robić zapasy na Święta :-) 

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