Sunday, October 14, 2012

EuroZone Food October 15th delivery

Who is hungry for some Polish food? 

As always, I am sharing a newsletter that was sent from EuroZone Food Distributors :-)
This one features tomorrow's (October 15th) delivery. Check out all those delicious goodies! There is also information about the meeting of Polonez on October 20th.


 Hello Everyone,
We have taken one week break from business and now we will have the biggest delivery ever.
We will have fresh load of pierogies (600 packages) including :beef, chicken, ruskie, sweet cheese, sauerkraut an mushrooms, potato and onion, potato and bacon, cheese and jalapeño, etc plus many flavors of blintzes.
Some off you love Wisconsin farmers cheese - we will have 60lb in 3lb packages.
We will have over 80 types of cold cuts, meats and soups: kabanosy,veal Bologna, home made ham, old polish ham, pork loin bacon, BBQ sausage, home made bacon, smoked bacon, country style bacon, gelatin loaf (zimne nozki -love it), grill sausage, juniper berry sausage (jalowcowa), chicken kabanosy, kishka, krakowska sausage, hunter sausage (mysliwska), veal wieners (parowki cielece), pork wieners, liver pate (pasztet), pasztetowa, home style pork loin, poledwica goralska, poledwica lososiowa, canadian style bacon (sopocka), polish sausage (zwyczajna), headcheese (salcesony), slaska sausage, starowiejska sausage, wedding style sausage (weselna), wiejska sausage (country sausage), zywiecka sausage, beef tripe soup (flaki) etc. Some other products avb. Naleczowianka mineral water, Kubus juices, Frugo juices, Tymbark juices, many different jams and preserves, large selection of jars, pastas (Czanecki pastas - the best), Profi pates, Soy pates, horseradish, herb teas, instant coffees, over 50 types of chocolate, candies, halva's, prince polo, delicje, ginger bread cookies (pierniki), Wawel 90% dark chocolate (excellent), Belvita musli biscuits (low calories - loaded with fiber), herrings, cheeses, yogurts, ser topiony, puddings, sliwki w occie, soups in jars, soups instant .....and hundreds more quality products.
I would like you to remind you that we carry hundreds of different polish cosmetcs (call me for selection)
Dinner recipe from our customer:
You will need:
>one jar of letcho sauce (EuroZone $3.50)- all natural
>half a pound of Carnecki noodles  (spinach or regular wide stripes) - EuroZone
>half a pound of Krakowska sausage - EuroZone
Cut sausage into small stripes and brown on the pan.
Cook pasta
Mix sauce, sausage and pasta - heat on the low...
We try it ....taste great   Dinner about $2.2 per person
Dear Friends  - we need more recipes to share
Free delivery with $50 order (Albuquerque)
As you probably know on Saturday is a Polonez meeting and election (for President and Board of Directors) at Tramway Public Library,
October 20th, 4 pm (Lomas/Tramway). Your voice is important when we are building  strong/active Polonia organization. It is beneficial  for all of us to attend and bring ideas which will help us grow and  have fun at the some time.  For more information please contact Halina Skora at
Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz
Eurozone Food Distributors
55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest NM 87008

  I'm always hungry for some pierogi ;-) A.

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