Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eurozone Food Delivery - September 17th

Here's the latest newsletter from EuroZone Food Distributors.

Hello Everyone,

September 17 delivery includes large food and cosmetics shipment.

May I have your attention - this is dynamite recipe
Our Italian friend  who shop for Parma products at EuroZone gave me recipe for Bologna spaghetti
You will need:
roasted chicken (Costco)
jar of Bologna sauce (EuroZone)
bag of Czarnecki agg noodles (EuroZone)
Jar of baked apples

Cut chicken into small pieces, add Bologna sauce, noodles and table spoon of backed apples for each serving. stir, heat and serve.
You will be amazed !!!!!

Below is the list of new products in this shipment:

whole grain rye bread (ciemny razowy) german style... also with sunflower seeds and with pumpkin seeds 
stuffed cabbage rolls (golabki) in the canpork ribs in hunter gravy - in the canfrench mustard
pickled mushrooms - kurka marynowana
marinated broad bean - bob konserwowy
FORTUNA - blackcurrant nectar
plum nectar
birch drink with blueberry (health benefits)
candied orange peel and candied plum
rowan-berry preserve (jarzebina do miesa)
apricot in chocolate
TABLERONE chocolate with honey and almonds
pea soup - instant (grochowka kujawska)
onion soup - instant
soy pate with paprica
soy chops with champignon
LOYD - green tea
chubs Gouda cheese
herring fillets - a'la Maties
farmers cheese - krolewski
farmers cheese - wyborowy (twarog)
farmers cheese - krojony
farmers cheese with green onion
polish yogurt (black current, blueberry, cherry)
kefir blueberry
MIKUS pudding
BAKUS - desert made from farmers cheese
BAKUS - serek homogenizowany
Westphalian dry smoked ham
chicken wieners
Barcelona salami
SZEGEDI - hungarien salami
Italian head cheese (salceson wloski)
100% veal wieners
kabanosy pork & veal

.....and hundreds other products - just ask....

Best Regards,

Grace Piotrowicz
Eurozone Food Distributors

55 Pinon Trail
Cedar Crest NM 87008
wow, mozna sie poczuc jak w Polsce :-) 

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